M1: Trade in Transition - Visions for the future use of an inner-city department store

  Drawn people walking through a city Copyright: © Stadt Aachen, Fachbereich Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Digitalisiereung und Europa  

Winter Semester 2023/24

Duration: 1 semester


Within the framework of a student competition, new utilization concepts for the property currently leased to Galeria Kaufhof in Aachen's city center are to be presented.

The task is an inner-city development of the property. The student competition aims to develop a future use for the property that integrates well into the overall image, enhances the location and contributes to the long-term transformation of Aachen's city center into a heterogeneous, mixed-use and diverse neighborhood.
Visions for new uses are sought that meet the challenges of demographic change as well as the demands of sustainability and social integration. The goal is to transform the property and its location into a vibrant and inspiring center of inner-city life. The innovative approaches should meet the needs and demands of today while respecting the historical, cultural and architectural identity of the city.

The submitted works will be presented and showcased as part of an exhibition on the designs and study papers in a joint exhibition with all cooperation partners in Aachen in spring 2024.


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