Sustainable urban development - lecture followed by discussion

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 at 6:30 pm

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As cities continue to grow around the world, the people who live there not only reap the benefits, but also increasingly face the burdens of noise, low air quality, loneliness, and city-specific weather phenomena. Air quality and weather in particular are also affected by ongoing man-made climate change, such as prolonged periods of heat in concrete canyons and extreme rain events. There are also questions about mobility within cities or social mixing.

So how can growing cities look socially and ecologically sustainable in the future, what needs to change in the existing stock and how should new planning be done? And finally - what can this look like here on site in Aachen?

This is exactly what we are talking about with Professor Christa Reicher from the Institute of Urban Design and European Urban Studies at RWTH Aachen University, to which we warmly invite you!

The Lecture followed by a discussion is located at H04, C.A.R.L.

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