Research Module: Urban Building Block Energy

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Sommer Semester 2023

Term: one semester


The planning of sustainable neighborhoods is at the center of current urban development policy and practice. In this context, local energy generation, storage and distribution play a fundamental role. The research field "Urban Building Block Energy" focuses on the interactions between urban development and energy supply at the neighborhood level. The aim of the research field is to investigate the extent to which existing urban components (e.g. housing, trade, commerce) can be combined in a new and value-added way in the context of energy districts and what effects this also implies at the urban planning level.

In a first phase, existing urban components will be analyzed according to their energetic characteristics and mapped using the example of selected neighborhoods in Aachen. Based on the analysis of the first phase, the investigated city blocks will be reassembled from an energetic perspective in phase 2. Finally, plans and visions for energy quarters will be developed based on an example of existing buildings as well as a new construction project.

Phase 1 Analysis

  • Location in example quarters in Aachen
  • Energetic characteristics of the investigated city blocks
  • Potential & future

Phase 2 Design

  • Existing buildings
  • New construction

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