Moderated Development Plan Process for the Relocation of the Districts Keyenberg, Kuckum, Ober- and Unterwestrich, Berverath


Moderated Development Plan Process for the Relocation of the Districts Keyenberg, Kuckum, Ober- und Unterwestrich, Berverath

As part of the final relocation measures for the Garzweiler surface mining project, the working group of the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning is collaborating with various planning agencies, RWE, and the City of Erkelenz on a development plan for a new location for the five villages Keyenberg, Kuckum, Berverath, Unter- und Oberwestrich.

The new site is characterized by a green belt running from north to south, established under the motto of “Two locations, one center“. As a community building measure, various institutions will be located within the green belt.

The design process took several years and was conducted in an open dialogue with the citizens, who brought in their concerns and ideas in diverse fora, regular workgroup meetings, citizens’ advisory boards, and steering committees. The urban design plan was finalized at the beginning of 2015. Now, the process focuses on the legally binding zoning plan, the distribution of relocated citizens among the new districts, and the allocation of plots of land for the citizens. 

The plan is based on the results of the moderated planning process in 2011/2012 for the selected relocation site. The project was divided into two parts:

Part A: Planning Period 2013

Development of the urban design plan including the concrete delimitation of the relocation site for the decision by the Council of the City of Erkelenz in September 2013, in continuation of the moderated planning process

Part B: Planning Period 2014/15

Development of the process for the establishment of the zoning plan, based on the agreed design draft, and for the modification of the land utilization plan


2013 to 2015


  • Professor Rolf Westerheide
  • Anne Eaton
  • Sanaz Kashi
  • Andreas Klozoris
  • Stefan Krapp


  • Agency RaumPlan
  • Uli Wildschütz
  • Martina Winandi


Stadt Erkelenz / RWE Power