Partnerships with the Universities of the Kasayi, Kongo


Subject-specific Partnerships with the Kasayi Universities, Kongo


The collaboration with the Universités Notre-Dame du Kasayi and RWTH Aachen was initiated in 2001 through personal contacts. By now, it has grown into a project with partners from RWTH Aachen and outside the University. In 2006, a partnership agreement was signed, and establishing an Haute Ecole de Construction et Architecture at U.KA in Kananga became a major focus of the partnership. The new school was to open its doors in October 2013 and offer engineering-oriented courses of study according to European standards.

Two major topics are at the heart of the partnership:

  1. The development of a curriculum for the “Civil and Construction Engineering” Bachelor of Science course at the the Haute Ecole de Construction et Architecture by RWTH Aachen academic staff, in close collaboration with Congolese partners
  2. The establishment and operation of an Haute Ecole de Construction et Architecture at U.KA as part of the partnership and the continuing education of Aachen academic staff. Particular emphasis is placed on the joint development of individual construction and infrastructural projects of U.KA and RWTH, which are implemented as part of construction projects in the Bachelor’s course of study.

The B.Sc. program "Civil and Construction Engineering“ at U.KA’s Haute Ecole de Construction et Architecture combines content from civil engineering and architecture courses of study. Completing this program enables graduates to plan, supervise and implement engineering-related construction activities. Furthermore, graduates will be qualified to work in fields that facilitate the sustainable development of settlements.

Key areas in research and teaching at the Haute Ecole include architecture, civil engineering, and environmental sciences.    


2013 - 2016
2007 - 2010


Prof. Rolf Westerheide


Dipl.-Ing. Laurence Gaury, Dipl.-Ing. Bauass. Stefan Krapp