Winter Semester 2022/23


Courses and Projects of the Winter Semester 2022/23:

  Axonometrie aus der Arbeit „Ohne Ende Anfang“ Copyright: © Eva Krings & Katja Gadziak

MT: Masterthesis Architecture, Individual Subjects

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  Copyright: © städtebau

MT: Master Thesis Architecture - Kunsthaus im Reisholzer Hafen, Düsseldorf

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  städtebau Copyright: © städtebau

M1: Schlaun Competition 2022/23

"StadtPlatzPlus - zwischen Kopf und Herz"

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  intro Copyright: © städtebau

M2.2: Reisholzer Hafen, Düsseldorf - The Industrial South on the Move

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  figure ground plan with letters VÜ Copyright: © städtebau

Lecture: Planning Law and Urban Land Use Planning

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  Landscape built/unbuilt environment Copyright: © städtebau

Seminar: Urban and Regional Planning

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  Opencast lignite mining Copyright: © städtebau

Research Module: Campus of the future

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  two people looking at a poster Copyright: © städtebau

Research Module: Offline Spaces Cologne - Online Dating, Offline Spaces

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  Abrupt transition between private open space and street. Copyright: © städtebau

Elective Course: Between house and garden

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  Shoppingstreet in Cologne Copyright: © städtebau

Elective course: Patient Inner City - Urban Practice

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  Graphic for the course Copyright: © städtebau

Quick Design: Conversion - an urban dialog

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