Lecture: Basics of Design

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Christa Reicher

Head of Chair and Institute


+49 241 80 95033



Summer Semester 2023

Term: one Semester


The module leads theoretically into design as a core discipline of architecture and urban planning on. The three lectures represent a systematic approach to essential aspects of architectural and conceptual thinking with increasing size and complexity. At the three lectures "housing", "building theory" and "urban planning" will provide vocabulary, patterns, elements, spaces, buildings, systems and typologies of architecture and city by means of important References discussed. Different design approaches are discussed within the lectures and discussed across all lectures.

Lecture Urban Design

Within the framework of the series of events, the theoretical and conceptual foundations of urban development are taught. In addition to the general challenges that arise in the broad and complex field of urban development, the focus is on the current fields of urban development. One focus is on urban planning design, which is understood as a process of discovery and research and is the prerequisite for the integration of each building into its environment.

The lecture series focuses on the following questions:

  • What is urban planning and how can the basic patterns of the city be understood?
  • What are the central fields of action in urban development?
  • Which building blocks does the city consist of?
  • How can our cities and neighbourhoods be planned?
  • How can we develop our own approach to urban design?

Learning goals

The aim is to sharpen the students' awareness and understanding of the laws and framework conditions of the city and the neighbourhood and to make them useful for urban design. The students are confronted with the different typologies and patterns of the city. They learn the vocabulary with which urban spaces can be designed.

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