KOOP library

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Library of the cooperating chairs of Housing and Basics of Design, Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development and Chair and Institute for Urban Design.

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The Chair and Institute for Urban Design deals with complex urban structures, reaching from the regional to the city context and from the quarter to related architectural questions.

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Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism

Wüllnerstraße 5b RWTH Navigator

52062 Aachen

WorkPhone: +49 241 80 95033



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The UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage and Urbanism is part of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chair Program. The Chair's mission is to shape the transformation of cities and neighborhoods in a sustainable way, with a special focus on cultural heritage.

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The STADTWERKSTATT sees itself as a meeting space between the actors of the universities, the city and civil society. Here we discuss ideas, projects and concepts for shaping the future of the city and region.



Urban Campus

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Further development of the Aachen inner-city campus area.

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Spatial strategy for the Rhenish mining area

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Elaboration of an integrative spatial development strategy for the Rhenish mining area until 2038 and beyond.

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Urban Design Colloquium

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The event series "Urban Colloquium" at the Faculty of Architecture of RWTH Aachen University aims to stimulate discourse on social, economic and technological changes and their spatial impact on the neighbourhood, the city and the region.

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Urban Conservation

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Graduate Colleges

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The chair and the Institute of Urban Design are currently participating in two research training groups, in which a total of three doctoral theses are being developed. In addition, two associated doctoral candidates are working on the same topics.

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