Lecture: Planning Law and Urban Land Use Planning

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Winter Semester 2023/24

Duration: 1 semester


The course "Planning Law and Urban Land Use Planning" deals with in-depth aspects of general and special urban planning law as well as areas of ancillary building law relevant to urban land use planning, such as design control and monument protection, immission control, intervention and compensation regulation, species protection and stormwater management.

The aim of the event "Planning Law and Urban Land Use Planning" is to provide in-depth knowledge of technical law and the effectiveness and possible applications of the instruments of planning law. On the basis of practice-related lectures, the students become acquainted with all instruments of the building code in addition to the urban land use plans. In the parallel development of a draft development plan, the acquired knowledge is further deepened based on the fundamentals from the bachelor's degree and its application is comprehensively practiced using a practical example.


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