Free Design Project: The future of the Adalbertstrasse

  Poster of the Student Competition Copyright: © städtebau / schultenarchitekten

Winter semester 2023/24

Duration: 1 semester


How do you imagine your pedestrian street? For years, vacancies have been growing and increasingly characterizing Adalbertraße and its surroundings. As part of a student competition, we are looking for unconventional ideas and approaches to solutions. Adaptable concepts and long-term changes of use are conceivable - nothing is impossible, so that the "lost street" can reinvent itself and live up to its name.

In order to be able to present the emerging concepts to the city and its residents, meaningful images and perspectives must be created that convey your visions.


Students: 16 students in individual work
Supervisors: Anne Söfker, Laura Vonhoegen, Ajdin Alagic
Supervision hours: Mondays 12:00 - 18:00, individually bookable via Moodle
Competition: Participation also possible for unsupervised work (please contact us in advance)
Competition deadline: 28.02.2024 (digital), 01.03.2024 (analog)
Awarding authority: Chair of Urban Planning and Design


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