Schlaun Competition

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The Competition

Since the winter semester 2011/2012, the Schlaun-Forum e.V. has been annually offering Schlaun competitions as idea competitions in North Rhine-Westphalia. With this initiative the Schlaun-Forum intends to promote the infrastructure in NRW and to counter the threat of an increasing inhospitability of our living space. At the same time, the Schlaun Forum has set itself the task of promoting young planners in the fields of urban planning, landscape planning, architecture and civil engineering. For future-oriented planning tasks, the participants should, on the one hand, point out innovative, sustainable solutions and, on the other hand, further develop and shape the urban and landscape space in NRW with their solutions.


Task 2019/20: Münster Railway City South

Münster is a beautiful city. This is what visitors and residents of Münster like to say. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to judge the planning area in such a positive way. To change this is the task of the competition. The competition area runs from the main station in a southerly direction. The core of the planning area is the former general cargo station. The area covers approx. 24.5 ha. It is surrounded by the Roddestraße in the south, the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße /Theißingstraße/Frie-Vendt-Straße/Bahnhofstraße in the west, the Alfred-Krupp-Weg/the railway tracks in the east and the Hafenstrasse/the Berliner Platz in the north. Münster is generally regarded as a picture-book-like beautiful city. Whoever enters this planning area will be surprised that Münster also has other cityscapes to offer.

The city of Münster is striving for the following serious changes in this planning area:

on the west side, track facilities that are no longer used are to be abandoned and further track facilities that are required are to be connected to the eastern track system
in the northern planning area, the traffic structures in the area of the Albersloher Weg/railway line are to be newly qualified
When the aforementioned route changes are implemented, it will be necessary to overplan the entire area, combined with the development of qualitative, multifaceted urban space additions to the south-western neighboring quarter. Overall, a balanced relationship between open spaces for public use and urban development should be strived for. So far, the area to be planned and the surrounding area have shown a mix of living, services, work, commerce, discounters, etc.. This use is also further aimed at for the competition area. Within the planning area, three subtasks are to be processed, which can be processed individually or in combination. These are urban planning/landscape planning, architecture and civil engineering.


The task of the 9th Schlaun competition for urban planners/landscape architects, architects and civil engineers is to profile the competition area in a forward-looking way and to develop it into a contemporary inner-city living and working space. According to the urban location, a modern, urban piece of Münster is to be planned. Within the overall concept, solutions for the following tasks have to be identified:

The Schlaun competition is an ideas competition. Deviations from the content specifications and requirements of this competition are permitted provided that these are derived conceptually and explained in the explanatory report.

The Schlaun-Forum e.V. will compile the competition entries and hand them over to the city of Münster as an "Idea Book".

For a more detailed look at the individual subtasks for urban planners and architects, click here to go to the official website of the Schlaun Forum.


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Baumgart, President of the DAI, Würzburg
Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Bökamp, President of the Engineering Chamber Construction NRW
Dipl.-Ing. Gordon Brandenfels, Landscape Architect, Münster
Dipl.-Ing. Robin Denstorff, Head of Planning of the City of Münster
Prof. Christl Drey, Architect BDA , Cologne
Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Festersen, Office for Urban Development, Urban Planning, Transport Planning of the City of Münster
Dr.-Ing. Jan Hogen, spatial planner, Ministry HKGB, Düsseldorf
Prof. Anne Klasen-Habeney, Architect/City planner, Aachen
Dipl.-Ing. Melanie Kloth, City Planner, NRW.BANK, Düsseldorf
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Martin Korda, Architect/City Planner, Münster
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Mainka, President of the Association of German Railway Engineers, Frankfurt/Main
Dipl.-Ing. Drazen Slacanin, Architect, LVM, Münster
Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Uhing, Architect BDB, President of the Chamber of Architects NW
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rolf E. Westerheide, Aachen


Our sponsors enable us to offer prize money totalling 24.000 €. The prizes can be distributed as follows:
1st prizes 3.000 € each
2nd prizes 2.000 € each
3rd prizes 1.000 € each.
In addition, two recognition prizes of €1.000 each can be awarded.
The distribution and allocation of prizes shall be decided by the jury in agreement with the awarding authority.

Registration possible until 04.02.2020.