Elective Course: Field Trip - Urban Contestation in New Migrants Settings

  Group of people on urban square Copyright: © Fabio Bayro Kaiser



Fabio Bayro Kaiser

Academic Staff, Speaker Transforming City Regions


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Summer Semester 2023

This course provides with an accumulative knowledge on how socio-economic challenges in cities and regions can be investigated and surveyed and brought into a strategic framework. The objectives of this course are to enable students to in-depth analysis of crucial challenges facing cities nowadays, and empowering them through the needed skills and tools to conduct such research with a clear ground base process. Such will be tackled through investigating how fluid approaches can reshape local culture and identity and promote opportunities towards more resilient development. To envision such a change, elevating and narrowing down typologies of cultural urban change affected and influenced by migration flows will be the topic of the fieldtrip. Furthermore, the research investigates in depth the potentials and challenges towards resilient and more inclusive societies, on the one hand, and more options for vibrant and dynamic settings, on the other.

The module is organized in three parts. It begins with a theoretical introduction on fluid communities and research in migrants’ settings. It will further discuss the different types of methods in empirical research whether qualitatively or quantitatively. Throughout the course, the importance and the need to identity social inclusion/exclusion problems and their impact on urban change and urban transformation will be highlighted. This second part will incorporate given methodologies and ground info to tackle the questions of research in defined tools of empirical research. As a third part, the course will provide with the didactical empirical research layout within which, a fieldtrip will be conducted.


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