Impromptu: Master Thesis Outlinie

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Fabio Bayro Kaiser

Academic Staff, Speaker Transforming City Regions


+49 241 80-95035



Do you intend to tackle the master thesis next semester? Good! But first, you need to outline your research design.

This seminar will teach you how to develop a research design and present it in a convincing way.

It is divided into five parts. The first session introduces the scope of the seminar and discusses the basics of developing a research design. The following three are working sessions. They begin with participant pitches, followed by group work, and end with revised pitches. The first session focuses on the problem statement, the second on the research question(s), and the last on the method(s). The fourth session will be in colloquium format. Participants will submit a draft in advance, which will be read by assigned discussants—who will also be participants. During this session, each proposal will be briefly presented and commented on by the discussants. The seminar will conclude with an oral presentation and the submission of an extended abstract of 1500 words (excluding references). The resulting text can be used to apply for the master thesis.


Tuesday, 25th of April, 13:00 to 14:30


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