Lecture: Urban Transformation II - City Portraits

  Promenade of a city Copyright: © Fabio Bayro Kaiser



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Summer Semester 2023

This course provides a theoretical discussion describing the various yet closely related dimensions of urban design and planning from neighborhood scale to regional scale. It takes a holistic approach; it synthesizes and integrates ideas, theories of urbanism from a wide range of key sources of the existing literature and research.

The module is organized in three parts. It begins with a broad discussion of the main urban challenges facing cities and regions nowadays, on different scales and the corresponding theories of planning and types of plans on all scales. The second part focuses on urban design and planning dimensions, including morphological, perceptual, visual, functional and temporal aspects. The final part covers the discussions on the implementation strategies and delivery mechanisms of urban design and planning.

The assignment for this module is a scientific in-depth analysis of the cities portrayed in the winter semester to be prepared in group work. The students shall deepen their former analysis within a specific time interval into driving macro/micro forces causing urban transformations as well as underlying the urban dynamics causing such transformation. The assignment will work through in terms of urban growth and gaining an insight of the different scales and forms of development up to envisioning how urban growth shall be further managed.


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