Research Module: Rethinking Amazon Cities from Rondônia State

  Collage oft he region Amazonas Copyright: © Dr. Veronica Garcia Donoso  

Summer Semester 2023

Vegetation areas provide relevant ecosystem services and have been under intense human pressure in recent decades. The Brazilian Amazon forest area reduced by 44,1 Mha from 1985 to 2021, an area that is almost Germany, Netherlands and Belgium together. The cities in the Amazon region, which lack ecological thinking, face a disconnection between the biophysical and ethnical reality.

Our research question is: if we could rethink a city in the Amazon region, aligned with ethno-ecological thinking, how would it be like?

This course uses the GIS application to model data; the participants will analyze and organize creative maps and graphics of Amazon cities from Rondônia state. The module shall give the participants an overview of the Amazon region (the natural environment and the ecological global importance) and also support the ethno-ecological planning of the region. The most dedicated students will be invited to participate on a book chapter.


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