Research Module: Data-based, scenario-driven urban design


Summer Semester 2023

The course “Data-based, scenario-driven urban design for transforming city regions” focuses on the increasing complexity of spatial processes and the need for digital methods in urban planning education. It aims to enhance traditional digital analysis tools by integrating the design and evaluation phase in the teaching format of a research module to be conducted in the third semester of the TCR programme. The course builds on the analytical skills of students and envisions advanced data-based, scenario-driven applications for the later phases of the projects.

The course covers topics such as using QGIS and Rhino in combination with the pug-in Rhino for spatial analysis, the limitations of BIM-based modeling tools for large-scale urban design and regional planning, and new tools for presenting designs more comprehensively. The goal of the course is to bridge the gap between analytical findings and conceptual and design proposals as well as to provide new digital experiences for TCR students.