Integrated Project III: Networked urban systems in Europe

  landscape Copyright: © Fabio Bayro Kaiser



Fabio Bayro Kaiser

Academic Staff, Speaker Transforming City Regions


+49 241 80-95035



Summer Semester 2023

The Eurodelta is Europe’s most densely urbanized and highly interconnected territory. It stretches from the Netherlands to Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, and France, and has more than 45 million inhabitants. In this context, cross-border approaches play a key role.

The goal of the project is to propose visions for a circular economy and cross-border mobility corridors in the Eurodelta and to think about the impact of such a fully connected territory. Participants are urged to work strategically towards social, economic and cultural nodes and zones while thinking about the meaning of borders. From the megaregion scale, the project will focus on the creation of thematically appropriate systems within an all-connecting linear superstructure. In the final step, focal points will be detailed, providing zoom-in spots for a better understanding of the structure.


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