Integrated Project II: Urban-Rural Development in Thüringen: Housing | Working | Mobility

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Summer Semester 2023

This course in general handles and provides students with the needed Know-How to tackle projects on a city scale. A structured base for addressing and handling challenges and projects on a city scale incorporates theoretical backgrounds on rural urban development in terms of crucial challenges of cities nowadays as in urban blight and urban decay. They will be further challenged to perceive the city within its adjacent sub urban and rural structures that could or shall cater for an integrated overall development.

The project will tackle the region of Thüringen, investigating its main challenges and coming up with a sustainable vision and strategies towards a sounder development and sustainable livable spaces. According to the “sustainable Month” CGE Erfurt e.V. (Culture Goes Europe Initiative), eastern Germany has been losing people in past years. Especially the smallest communities are aging residents, see little resources but to move to larger places to get essential services and urban infrastructure. Rural areas in Thüringen are facing the threat of depopulation due to the demographical change, and therefore it is important for cities to accommodate the new demand from this population change and stay attractive (Podlaszewski, 2018).

The course will investigate the area in connection to the IBA Thüringen Abschlusspräsentation: StadtLand that will take place on the 5th of May 2023. An excursion to get introduced to the IBA undertakings and to investigate a case study of the region, Apolda City will be planned from May the 2nd until the 7th. the aim is to capture the dynamic and the status quo as well as to position the challenges within the urban-rural structures. The investigation will go through in-depth analysis to research the opportunities in face of the challenges the city and region are facing, and come up with urban strategic solutions and tailor-made strategies that can cater for more sustainable development.

Excursion May 2nd, 2023 to May 7th, 2023
Examination date: Mid-August 2023


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