Integrated action plan Kall


Municipality of Kall - Integrated action plan

The valley location of the district of Kall fulfils important functions as a centre of settlement, which will also ensure good conditions for sustainable development in the future.

In addition to the functional strengthening, the integrated action concept prepares for design upgrades. A large number of individual measures are intended to (further) develop existing or new residential and commercial locations, improve the quality of public spaces and reduce the dominance of motorised individual transport in favour of sustainable mobility concepts.

First "Building blocks for an integrated action concept" (ISL, March 2016) were developed based on drafts by students of the Master's programme in Urban Planning at the RWTH Aachen University. The "Integrated Action Concept" was developed on behalf of the municipality of Kall by ISL in cooperation with the office RaumPlan, Aachen.


2015 to 2016


  • Professor Rolf Westerheide
  • Christine Korus
  • Stefan Krapp


  • Community of Kall
  • Office RaumPlan