Study on the Inter-municipal Collaboration and the Municipal Assocation of Burmerange-Schengen-Wellenstein in Remich, Luxemburg


The three neighboring municipalities of Bürmeringen, Schengen, and Wellenstein in the Luxembourg canton of Remich on the border of German and France want to join together to develop more charisma and efficiency, since each community alone cannot effectively and efficiently ensure the necessary municipal services in all the important sectors for the long-term, which determine the quality of life and economic attractiveness of the location.

The Institute of Urban and Regional Planning is accompanying the fusion process of the municipalities as they become one new municipality, Schengen (Referendum October 2010), and the creation of a development concept for the merged Schengen municipality (Summer 2011).

The development concept is the result of intensive collaboration with the key figures of three municipalities and above all, the concerned citizens in multiple public workshops on site: It links the former and current small-spatial concepts and sectoral plans and projects with each other and framees it in a mid- to longterm development perspective. The new municipality development concept depicts a spatially and thematically integrated development strategy for the next ten years. The development concept also contains an objective profit and loss balance with conceptional suggestions for settlement and additional value.

Against the backdrop of the experiences gathered during this special fusion process, the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning is developing a handbook, which can be used as the foundation for the implementation and conception of additional municipal fusion processes in Luxemburg.



2009 to 2010


Prof. Kunibert Wachten


Dipl.-Ing. Bauass. Christine Korus
Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Jung
Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Trowitzsch