städtebau workflow


"städtebau workflow" is an publication series of the Institute of Urban Development and European Urban Studies of the RWTH Aachen University. It documents the findings of research and teaching as well as the various series of events and thus aims to promote the discourse on current issues in urban development and urban studies. The addressees are the actors from practice and science as well as the interested expert public.



  • workflow02 Wissen schafft Stadt (pdf: 163300 kb)

    The second workflow issue "Wissen schafft Stadt - Bausteine von Wissensstädten" (Knowledge Creates the City - Building Blocks of Knowledge Cities) is intended as a contribution to the current urban development debate and draws a summary after three years of intensive engagement with this topic in teaching and research.

  • workflow01 Baugemeinschaften (pdf: 26400 kb)

    The first urban planning workflow issue "Baugemeinschaften - Bausteine einer kollaborativen Stadt" (Building Communities - Building Blocks of a Collaborative City) provides an insight into the current debate on communal forms of living and building. In the discussion of individual projects, experiences from teaching, research and practice are brought together.