Lecture: Building and Planning Law

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Summer Semester 2023

Duration: one semester


In the lecture "Building and Planning Law", students deal with public building law for the first time. The course provides basic knowledge of the legal framework of planning and building and gives an overview of the essential formalised procedures and instruments. It promotes awareness of the legal and economic contexts of building and clarifies the possible roles of architects and urban planners.


In addition to basic knowledge of German law, students acquire initial specialist knowledge in the areas of planning and building regulations law and learn to find their way around the relevant legal texts. The focus of the course is on the following topics: 

  • Basics of planning law 
  • Tasks, terms and principles of urban land use planning 
  • Content, procedures and areas of effect of urban land use plans (land use plan / development plan) 
  • Application and approval cases 
  • Fundamentals of building regulations law 
  • General regulations of the Land Building Code 
  • Buildability of land
  • Requirements for building structures 
  • Procedural regulations

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