Research Module: Urban well-being and University Campus

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Summer Semester 2022

Term: one semester


Part 1: Research Field

The Corona pandemic is not the only reason why the topic of "Urban Wellbeing" and health education and promotion measures in urban planning are increasingly becoming part of the current planning discourse. With a special focus on the design of university campus areas, this research field will focus on what constitutes an urban, healthy campus, how it must be designed and what different concepts are required for this.

In a first step, an overview of the current state of research will be created through a literature analysis and a thematic examination of reference projects and concepts, which will be documented in textual and graphic analyses.

Part 2: Impromptu Design

Based on this first analytical examination of the topic of "Urban Wellbeing and University Campuses", the second part of the project will be an impromptu design of the collective building environment of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This design will be carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Student Council for Mechanical Engineering.

The aim is to develop a new urban and sustainable campus area around the Sammelbau, which will significantly increase the "Urban Wellbeing" on the campus. The concepts of this impromptu design will also be presented and discussed in the course of the IDEA League Expert Working Group on Campus Development together with other IDEA League universities.


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