Student Workshop of the German National Committee for Monument Protection (DNK) [2022]

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The German National Committee for Monument Conservation (DNK) is organizing the 16th student workshop on the topic: "Development scenarios for the hangar ensemble of the former Cottbus army airfield".

20 students from all disciplines who are interested in historic preservation are sought. This year in the city of Cottbus.
From September 4 to 11, 2022, the former Cottbus airfield will be put under the microscope with experts from BTU Cottbus, FH Potsdam and the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments. Experts from urban planning, museums and users will provide input on the site. The students will examine the monument's value on site and design their own maintenance and use scenarios for the former hangars and the area. The results will be presented to the mayor and staff of the city of Cottbus and the interested public on the Open Monument Day.
Do you fancy a week full of content and interdisciplinary work in a team? Then apply now until the 31th of May with your CV and letter of motivation 

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