Research Module: Urban planning blueprints - energy quarters

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Sommer Semester 2022

Term: one semester


On the way to a more sustainable future, the energy supply of our cities plays a central role. Fossil energy sources are increasingly being replaced by electric alternatives, for example in cars, as part of the energy transition. However, the growing demand for electrical energy poses major challenges for local energy supply. The expansion of renewable, decentralized and volatile energy generation plants, e.g. photovoltaic arrays, is increasing the pressure on the power grid even further. In the future, we will increasingly need an energy supply that is oriented toward the perspective developments, requirements and needs of individual neighborhoods. But which types of quarters do we own and how do "energy quarters" actually differ from an urban planning perspective?

Within the scope of this research field, predefined neighborhood types will be examined with regard to their use as energy neighborhoods. Based on urban morphology, building structure, use and other indicators, applicable "blueprints" will be developed to clearly distinguish neighborhoods and their energy potentials. These blueprints will then be tested on the example of a major German city and visualized as a vision of the future. 


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