M2.1 - Competition Campus North of Fulda University of Applied Sciences

  street in Fulda Copyright: © städtebau  

winter terms 2021/2022

Duration: two semester


In cooperation with Fulda University of Applied Sciences, the Department of Urban Planning will develop an innovative campus extension in the baroque city of Fulda on a former military conversion site. In its young past, following its foundation in 1974 as the fifth state university of applied sciences (formerly Fachhochschule) in Hesse, Fulda University of Applied Sciences now has almost 10,000 students and has become an important location factor and centre of attraction for the entire region.

In addition to the creation and integration of a new multifunctional and innovative centre for teaching, learning and meeting with a multi-layered spatial concept, existing structures, such as the refectory, are also to be expanded. The focus will be primarily on the creation of new innovative spaces and places on campus, which are to be understood as a response to the changed post-Covid requirements for learning and working at universities.

By conducting campus analyses, new future-oriented concepts will be developed, which will be discussed in on-site workshops with students and lecturers as well as in digital colloquia together with the presidium. Finally, the concepts and designs will be awarded prizes in a competition sponsored by Fulda University of Applied Sciences and publicly exhibited on the FH campus.


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