Elective Course: Between house and garden

  Abrupt transition between private open space and street. Copyright: © Anne Söfker-Rieniets  

A multifunctional view of the first floor and the transitional spaces of living and open space as an added value for innovative inner-city construction


Winter Semester 2022/23

Duration: one semester


The relationship and transition to the surrounding open space contributes significantly to the quality of any building project and influences the usability of the first floor as well as the quality of the floors above in the building. Protection from visibility into private areas and contact with the public space are diametrically opposed requirements for the embedding of the building structure in its context. In practice, buildings and open spaces are often not sufficiently thought together and tend to be designed in an additive manner. In the design project, we take on the task of focusing on our own solutions for a well-functioning and quality transition and the interaction between interior and open spaces on the basis of actual design spaces. The task will be to define the quality requirement, to learn from successful solutions, to recognize difficult cases and to find new solutions for them. In doing so, the designs should work on the aspects of first floor uses in the building and in the open space as well as their interaction and provide innovative solutions, among others for thinking together well usable open space and parking areas as the largest area factor in the outdoor space. Practical issues such as costs, standards, housing subsidy regulations and planning law requirements will play a role. The goal is to first find solutions for concrete project spaces dealt with in the project that are realistic and feasible and at the same time innovative and qualitative in terms of design, also in order to finally develop and carry away general conclusions on the design of buildings and open space on the first floor level.


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