M1: Schlaun Competition 2022/23


"StadtPlatzPlus - zwischen Kopf und Herz"


Winter Semester 2022/23

Duration: one semester


Schlaun competition

Duisburg, Germany's 15th largest city, is located on the western edge of the Ruhr region directly on the Rhine. Like all cities in the Ruhr region, Duisburg is strongly influenced by the industrial age and structural change. 
As part of the Schlaun Forum student competition, the link between the inner harbour and the old town is to be redesigned. With reference to the 2007 master plan by Foster + Partners, the core of Duisburg's old town is to be developed and reconnected with its context. The focus is on the Alter Markt via Burgplatz/Kuhstraße to the Kuhtor and the link to the inner harbour, the old town and the city centre. 

Participation in the Student Competition at the end of the semester is the goal of the work. Group work is possible.
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Schlaun Forum


Mon 17.10. 2022, 10 a.m. Introduction


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