MT: Master Thesis Urban planning, Individual Subjects

  Axonometry from the project „Ohne Ende Anfang“ by Eva Krings and Katja Gadziak © Eva Krings & Katja Gadziak  

Any Semester

Term: 5 months
Information regarding the request see below


In the project M4 - Master's thesis, students are given the opportunity to independently apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies to a complex task and to prove their individual architectural and urban planning qualifications on a project to be dealt with as an integral part of the project. Students are invited to make suggestions for a topic for the final thesis in order to individually determine their own focus and interests. The own desired topic can thus be seen as a profiling at the end of the Master's programme. Different emphases and topics are available for the Master's thesis conceivable.

Among other things, students can use the following guiding ideas as a basis for topic identification:

  • Taking up urban planning or architectural challenges at home / home country (at home and abroad)
  • Current competitions as an occasion for own work
  • Further in-depth study of one of the topics of the previous projects M1 or M2


For the request for the initial supervision of a self-assigned Master's thesis at the Chair and Institute of Urban Design, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Submission of a Preliminary Draft of the Exposé (Rough Project Proposal)*
    This is a rough description of your project. Explain briefly and concisely the topic, the location, the objective and your motivation, as well as your general interest in the chosen topic. Since this is an advance copy of the exposé, it can already be complemented with pictures, maps and references.
    Please submit the preliminary draft to  by the deadline.
  2. Presentation of the Project Idea
    In a joint meeting, you will present your project idea in a short presentation of 5-10 minutes. The contents of the above-mentioned preliminary draft are sufficient for this. 
  3. Selection / Confirmation of Supervision
    The chair will make a selection of the projects based on the enquiries and available capacities. The confirmation of supervision usually takes place one week after the presentation. Please understand that we can only supervise a limited number of papers per semester. 
  4. Elaboration of the Exposé & Request for a Second Examiner
    If you have been accepted for supervision, the project can now be further detailed. The exposé can be sharpened with the help of the assigned mentor and is intended to provide the editors with a clear framework for working on the project. 
    The further detailing of the project now makes it possible, in consultation with the mentor, to select and request the second examiner.  
  5. Submission of Exposé & Application for Admission
    The exposé is finally submitted to the teaching unit. 
    The application for admission (including the signature of the second examiner) is also submitted to the ZPA.
  6. Kick-Off Date
    The start of the Master's thesis is initiated with the kick-off date. The project is described in a short presentation and the start is facilitated with the help of first hints by the supervisors. 
    Normally, three mentoring appointments and three interim colloquia are offered during the subsequent processing period. 

* Topics in which several students are interested and jointly develop one or more individualised thesis tasks are welcomed. However, the Master's thesis must be completed individually.

Deadlines for working on the Master's thesis in summer semester '23

current from 8.11.2022 Dates
Submission of preliminary synopsis (rough project idea)

until 2nd December 2022

Presentation of project idea to the chair

9th December 2022

Binding confirmation of supervision by the chair until 14th December 2022 until 14th December 2023

Declaration of intent for the thesis in RWTHonline

see faculty website

until 14th January 2023

Elaboration / submission of the exposé & second examiner request

until 2nd March 2023

Submission of the "Application for Admission" to the ZPA (incl. confirmation of supervision)

see faculty website

by 2nd March 2023

Kick-off date / start of the master thesis  17th March 2023 
One-time return date  17th April 2023 
Submission of the Master's thesis  18th August 2023 
Master exams  21th–25th August 2023