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Vanessa Ziegler

Academic Staff


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Summer Semester 2020

Term: one semester


So-called cohousing or community housing projects have been gaining in importance in the housing and urban development policy discourse and in practice for years. Diverse social developments and individual needs play a role in this.

As a reaction to this, cohousing projects are emerging in many places, which are characterised above all by the fact that the future residents take the planning and construction process into their own hands and attach great importance to close neighbourly contacts. In this context, a variety of forms of cohousing have already been developed, such as building communities, building groups, residential or multi-generational projects. Because of their positive effects on the emerging structural and social structures, they are already being used in many places as a housing and urban development policy instrument in the development of new urban quarters.

The research module "Stadtbaustein Wohnen: Cohousing in European cities" accompanies the investigation of exemplary European projects and quarters. In each case, one country is presented in a brochure with text and graphics by a student. The results will be incorporated into a textbook currently being developed by the chairs of urban planning and housing.

If you are interested, you can register by e-mail via the contact persons at the chair.

General conditions

  • Time period: SunSe 2020
  • Number of ECTS: 3 or 6
  • Number of places: 4
  • Study courses: Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Planning


Day Date Time Content
Tuesday will follow soon will follow soon Introduction
Individual Consultation

Workshop 1:

  • Discussion of first search results
  • Presentation of the project selection
Individual Consultation

Workshop 2:

  • Presentation of previous results
  • Discussion of open questions, suggestions etc.
  • Discussion of the further procedure

Final Presentation

The missing dates will be announced later.