Elective Course: Summerschool; Theaterplatz Aachen



Canan Çelik

Academic Staff, Coordination - Forschungskolleg


+49 241 80 95026



Summer Semester 2020

Term: one semester



The Theaterplatz Aachen is to become an innovative public space in Aachen over the next few years. The transformation process begins this spring in the framework of a real laboratory with a testing and cognitive phase, in which events, interventions, exhibitions, discussions and much more will broaden the view of the Theaterplatz and reveal its potential.

Part of the Reallabor is the Summerschool, during which three design classes will illuminate the Theaterplatz performatively, architecturally and urbanistically. The design classes are led by Professor Sabine Brück, Chair of Building Planning and Construction, Professor Thomas Schmitz, Chair of Artistic Design and Professor Christa Reicher, Chair of Urban Development.

Within the scope of the lecture of the Chair of Urban Design, the focus will be on the urban planning classification, the urban qualities and the future shape of the square. This will include a detailed analysis far beyond the usual framework as well as a design examination of the square and its quarter. The increased work on site should open up new possibilities for analysis and temporarily give the square a new use in the sense of a real laboratory.




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