Quick Design: Conversion - an urban dialog

  view through an underground train © städtebau  

Winter Semester 2022/23

Term: one semester


The "checkroom of the subway", the "regulars' table on electricity boxes", the "city bazaar" (formerly sidewalk) "constituting itself daily from boxes to shelves put away 'to give away'": 
The style pluralism of urban furniture appropriated and further configured by residents for residents seems limitless. However, the talk here should be of repurposing rather than appropriation.

In the process of their creation, the resulting show and playgrounds trigger a wide variety of reactions: From participation to shaking heads, correspondence with regulatory authorities, smiling faces or heated indignation... A dialogue of city dwellers emerges.

In this course you will become active as a city member yourself:
You will choose a setting of your choice in your city of choice and stage a conversion scene for one day. Whether you project the wardrobe into the subway or execute another piece of furniture: You decide what to move out or in, repurpose and reconfigure. One thing is certain: A dialogue with residents and passers-by will emerge. You yourself become a participant and observer of what is happening. Will the street furniture you develop meet with approval or outrage? Will it be accepted, destroyed, reproduced or published in the social network? What kind of dialogue emerges?

Levy is a documentation of your staging and the emerging urban dialogue. Whether photographic, cinematic or in a 1:1 model - you are free in the format.


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