Summer Semester 2023


Courses and Projects of the Summer Semester 2023:


  Masterthesis © TCR

MT: Masterthesis Transforming City Regions

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  Promenade of a city © Fabio Bayro Kaiser

L: Urban Transformation II

City Portraits

This course provides a theoretical discussion describing the various yet closely related dimensions of urban design and planning from neighborhood scale to regional scale. 

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  Working process © Dr. ir. Ceren Sezer

IP I: Sustainable university campus transition and serious gaming

This module guides students in developing methods and strategies effective participatory strategies for sustainable university campus transformation. 

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  Pedestrian zone © Dr. Maram Tawil

IP II: Urban-Rural Development in Thüringen: Housing I Working I Mobility

This course handles and provides students with the needed Know-How to tackle projects on a city scale with a structured base for addressing and handling challenges within their urban rural connection and regional context. 

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  landscape © Fabio Bayro Kaiser

IP III: Networked urban systems in Europe

The goal of the project is to propose visions for a circular economy and cross-border mobility corridors in the Eurodelta and to think about the impact if such a fully connected territory.  

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  Uuurble Logo © | Leibniz Universität Hannover

RM: Uuurble

Uuurble is an internet-based platform dedicated to the research and description of cities and urban neighbourhoods. 

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  TCR logo

RM: Data-based, scenario-driven urban design 

The course focuses on the increasing complexity of spatial processes and the need for digital methods in urban planning education.

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  Collage oft he region © Dr. Veronica Garcia Donoso

RM: Rethinking Amazon Cities from Rondônia State

Our research question is: if we could rethink a city in the Amazon region, aligned with ethno-ecological thinking, how would it be like?

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  Silhouette of a city with construction cranes © Fabio Bayro Kaiser

CC: Unfolding City Complexity

Understanding and interpreting urban complexity is essential for executing effective urban projects.

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  Construction site in the city © Fabio Bayro Kaiser

I: Master Thesis Outlinie

Do you intend to tackle the master thesis next semester? Good! But first, you need to outline your research design. This seminar will teach you how to develop a research design and present it in a convincing way. 

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  Group of people on urban square © Fabio Bayro Kaiser

EC: Urban Contestation in New Migrants Settings (Field Trip)

This course provides with an accumulative knowledge on how socio-economic challenges in cities and regions can be investigated and surveyed and brought into a strategic framework. 

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  Street in Naples © Dr Stefano Cozzolino

EC: Neapolitan Complexity: the Everyday Life of a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Field Trip)

The main goal is to explore the interplay between the physical and social environments, and the ways in which they intersect in the Quartieri Spagnoli in Naples. 

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