Integrated Project III: Superlocal Southern Dutch Limburg - Circular economy and cross-border mobility in Zuid-Limburg

  Luftfoto von Häusern © Fabio Bayro Kaiser  

Course Content

The Eurodelta is Europe’s most densely urbanized and highly interconnected territory. It stretches from the Netherlands to Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, and France, and has more than 45 million inhabitants. In this context, cross-border approaches play a key role. Zooming In at Southern Dutch Limburg, this region forms the heart of this territory. Its neighboring entities are the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but more In to detail also the Flemish, Walloon and German speaking communities of Belgians.

The goal of the project is to propose spatial visions and scenario’s for a circular economy and cross-border mobility in the region of Zuid-Limburg and its neighboring areas. Participants are urged to work strategically towards social, economic and cultural nodes and zones while thinking about the meaning of borders. From the larger scale, the project will focus on the cre- ation of thematically appropriate systems within an all-connecting linear su- perstructure. In the final step, focal points will be detailed, providing zoom-in spots for a better understanding of the structure.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to develop and manage a design and solution-ori- ented project of an international region. Participants will be able to under- stand transformation processes from a city scale to a cross-border context and their economic and social impact on the region. Participants will demonstrate that they can work in groups and are able to analyze current situations and to develop visions and scenarios for a defined spatial task. The students will work in teams to develop their soft skills in communication, design thinking and public presentation and discussion.

Module Responsible

Prof. Christa Reicher, Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism

Teaching Staff

Nicole Maurer, Marc Maurer


Mondays in the New Regional Bauhaus in Heerlen

Examination Date


Examination Format

Oral presentation + posters