Field Trip: (re)cycle Limburg


Course Content

We will join the design week in Heerlen and Maastricht between November 20-24th. During this time, students will join the workshop with the focus on (re)cycle Limburg with the focus on culture and identity, circular and playful city, and healthy city.

The workshop will reflect on the general vision and strategies developed for a limited number of selected micro sites in Heerlen and Maastricht. During five days international participants will work simultaneously on the urban/ neighborhood scale with focus on public space and on the development of pilot projects in collaboration with local actors and especially the inhabitants. Therefore, we will explore: Old and Future of: inhabitants’ interpretation of “public space”, spatial change and transformation, spatial identity (old and new) and obstacles and barriers (social and spatial) keep these spaces from functioning.

Before the workshop will be an introduction and afterwards a small reflection session with and a final presentation of the results and experiences of the workshop week.

Learning Objectives

Students are learning to work with other students of different universities and major to develop a participatory approach in collaboration with variousactors in these locations; municipality, housing association, social organizations, residents, local entrepreneurs, etc..

Module Responsible

Prof. Christa Reicher, Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism

Teaching Staff

Canan Çelik

Application Deadline

until 10.10.2023


  • Introduction, 24.10.2023, 15:00-16:00
  • Field Trip, 20-24.11.2023
  • Fedback, 05.12.2023, 15:00-16:00

Examination Date

12.12.2023, 15:00-17:00

Examination Format

e.g. oral presentation / concept