26 May I Dr. Mais Jafari

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Online lecture by Dr. Mais Jafari from TU Dortmund on ‘Productive Green Infrastructure for post-industrial urban regeneration (ProGLreg): Dortmund Living Lab’

Guest lecturer: Dr. Mais Jafari - TU Dortmund - Department of Landscape
Ecology and Landscape Planning

The EU-research project “Productive Green Infrastructure for post-industrial urban regeneration” abbreviated as proGIreg is a 5-year project in which four front-runner cities (Dortmund, Germany; Turin, Italy; Zagreb, Croatia and Ninbgo in China) are implementing Living Labs with local citizens, research institutes and NGOs in urban areas which are undergoing postindustrial transformation. These areas face the challenges of social segregation and tension, poor economy, inequality and related crime and security problems. Lack of quality green spaces in these areas have a negative impact on human health and wellbeing and make them more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The proGIreg Living Labs develop eight Nature Based Solutions (NBS) which are co-deigned, co-implemented and co-developed by the residents of the living labs. Four follower cities in Eastern and Southern Europe (Cascais, Portugal, Cluj-Napoca Romani, Piraeus, Greece and Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) will replicate the NBSs. In Dortmund, five of the eight NBSs will be implemented including: Leisure activities and clean energy on former landfills (NBS1), Community-based urban farms and gardens (NBS3), Aquaponik (NBS4), Accessible green corridors for local citizens (NBS6) and Pollinator biodiversity (NBS8).

Mais Jafari is an architect and urban planner with international experience and academic research in the MENA region (Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Oman and Iran), Germany (Dortmund) and the USA (San Francisco Bay Area). She is currently working at the TU Dortmund University (part time) as a Project Coordinator of a DAAD funded project about challenges if climate change between TU Dortmund and DHEI University (Iran) and at the City of Dortmund (part time) as a Project Coordinator of an EU Horizon 2020 Research project “proGIreg - productive Green Infrastructure for post-industrial urban regeneration”. Between 2014 and 2016, Dr. Jafari worked as a research scientist at different departments at the Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University. Her research and teaching experience center on urban design, transformation of public spaces, climate change and environmental planning, polycentric cities, and sustainable development of metropolitan cities. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, she served as a lead coordinator for a cooperation project, funded by DAAD, between the TUDO and the German Jordanian University focusing on intercultural dialogue towards reclaiming public spaces in metropolitan regions. She completed her PhD (DAAD scholarship) in 2014 at the Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning, TUDO. Dr Jafari also has over 4 years of professional experience in architecture and urban planning. In addition to her professional experience, she worked as a lecturer at the University of Jordan and German Jordanian University (2008-2010).