Urban Transformation II

  TCR Module on ‘Urban Transformation’ seminar series Copyright: städtebau

TCR Module on ‘Urban Transformation’ seminar series

The module presents dynamics of urban areas in Europe, discusses in this context a new definition of the city and elaborates contemporary processes shaping cities and urban areas. These dynamics of change play out in many different arenas including the physical and territorial. They are driven by demographic, socio-economic, environmental and political changes and developments.

The models explaining the nature and consequences of this change form an important part of the module as well as theories aiming at explaining them. In terms of scale we will be looking from the city, to regional and urban network scales. Aspects of transformation that will be covered focus on the European context and include changing mobility patterns, heritage and culture of cities, emerging technologies, government and governance, social infrastructure, energy transitions and others.

Coordinators: Professor Christa Reicher, Dr. ir. Ceren Sezer, Fabio Bayro Kaiser