Beginning of Summer Semester 2020

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RWTH Aachen University international master programme Transforming City Regions (TCR) welcomes students for the Spring 2020 Semester in the period between 20 April and 01 July. The TCR Spring Semester brings together students from Germany, Egypt, Iraq, Oman, India, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, and Portugal with various background including architecture, geography, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and mathematics.

The Spring 2020 semester offers six modules:

European Urban Policies and Territorial Governing Structures (Coordinators: Professor Christa Reicher and Dr. ir. Ceren Sezer); Urban Transformation (Coordinators: Professor Christa Reicher and Fabio Bayro Kaiser); Changing Societies and Economies (Coordinator: Professor Stefan Böschen), and research modules.

The design studio of this semester, The Integrated Project Module, coordinated by Professor Christa Reicher and Ceren Sezer, focuses on the future development of the region between Aachen and Cologne, which includes three small scale cities: Düren, Bergheim and Erfstadt.