Survey: Arising Cities

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RWTH Aachen University Chair of Urban Design is participating in an international research project on the impacts of the coronavirus lockdown on the ways we perceive and live our cities. The outcome of this study aims to reflect on the future development of the cities.

The partners of this project include universities from Germany (RWTH Aachen University), Spain (Escuela de Arquitectura Cesuga-USJ de A Coruña), Portugal (Faculdade de Arquitetura Universidade do Porto), Ireland (University College Dublin), Argentina (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), México (Escuela de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño), Ecuador (Universidad Católica del Ecuador), Perù (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), Chile (Universidad de Concepción), Brasil, The United States (University of Virginia, School of Architecture). The participating universities of this project include universities from Europe and Latin America.

Would you like to support us in this study? Please share with us your experiences in the current situation of the corona lockdown by filling a short questionnaire:

German version for Germany

English version for Germany