Master: M Projects


*** M1: Studienwettbewerb - Transformation 2021/22 - Umschalten! Transformation der Schaltwerkshalle in der neuen Siemensstadt in Berlin ***

First Place for Sophia Lieberich and Laura Weber


As part of the Siemensstadt² master plan in Berlin, the existing Schaltwerkhallen designed by architect Hans Hertlein are to be transformed into a new working and living environment. The Siemensstadt site is a place where work has been carried out future oriented ever since it was built. The existing buildings are pioneering testimonies to the times, which today, almost 100 years later, can continue to be used in a future-oriented way thanks to the intervention. The design is based on the existing principles of the Schaltwerkhallen, which are based on functionality, flexibility and modularity. At the same time, it adopts these principles and continues them elsewhere. The existing halls are separated into new individual halls and interspersed with green spaces. The new building volumes allow views into the greenery, let in fresh air, bring the halls to a more human scale, create a sense of well-being and thus facilitate a productive working environment. The new unsealed and greened areas are equally beneficial for the indoor climate and the urban climate. Different design elements work towards a common goal; to create a building that is open to the future and sustainable, and through flexibility always remains usable. Because this is where future roots.


Second Place for Philipp Goertz and Linus Hermann

100kV. An Experimental Field for Berlin.

Our Schaltwerkhallen are the center of a new metropolitan ensemble where local residents and international guests live and invent visions of a sustainable city together. With a precise analysis of the existing building, we propose dividing the Schaltwerkhallen into six units. Three strategies of conversion show the important decisions to create a strong center. A center that offers space for trying out and practicing new forms of working and living. The heart of the Schaltwerkhallen is the experimental field in the former 100kV-hall. The strategies of compact intervention and generous space are combined here. As a place of appropriation, the 100kV experimental field offers space for work during the day and events in the evenings and at the weekend. In this way, the Schaltwerkhallen will become the center of a district that is testing our future with a mix of historical heritage and new buildings full of action.