Project: Future of Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium, Aachen

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Summer Semester 2022

Period: one semester

The Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium is centrally located in Aachen's city center on the Augustinerbach. It looks back on a history of over 400 years, which can also be seen in the heterogeneous and interlocking ensemble of various extensions and annexes.  The school complex, consisting of three building sections (A-C tract) and the Aula Carolina, is closely interlocked with the existing inner-city structure.

Vis-à-vis the listed, historic main building of the school, the area of the urban Campus Mitte of RWTH Aachen University, which was previously at the rear, adjoins the Augustinerbach. To the side, the plan area is bordered by the urban and much-frequented pedestrian zones of Kockerrellstraße and Pontstraße. 

The area itself and the immediate surroundings of the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium offer little in the way of design and residence quality, but have great potential to be staged as a new link between the RWTH campus and Aachen's city center. 

Based on the examination of new, innovative learning and teaching concepts, visionary designs for the future of the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium are to be developed that create a link between the science grammar school and RWTH Aachen as a cohesive learning landscape in an urban city area.


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