2021/2022 | 10. Schlaun-Wettbewerb

  five students who won the prizes Copyright: © Thilo Loose  

Prizes and recognition for students of the Faculty of Architecture at this year's Schlaun Competition

Under the title "Triology for Dortmund", students were asked in the WS21/22 competition to design ideas for the harbor and Klöhne area in Dortmund. In the field of urban design and landscape planning, our students were able to prevail.

We congratulate on:

1st prize / partial task harbor and 1st prize partial task Klöhne.
Isabel Behne and Alena Cohrs
supervised by: Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Polívka and Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmidt

2nd prize/ partial task Hafen
Thilo Loose and Hannah Meichßner
supervised by Dipl.-Ing. Bauauss. Stefan Krapp

and for recognition / subtask Klöhne
Dennis Lurtz
supervised by Prof. Christa Reicher and Prof. Dr-Ing. Elisabth Beusker

Port Transformed - Dortmund's New Anchor in the North

a design by Thilo Loose and Hannah Meichßner

The promenade with its buildings separating it from Mallinckrodtstraße is the new backbone of the harbor area, to which the further north-south oriented development connects. The open spaces in the direction of Deusenberg are connected and a new unsealed counterpart to the "hard" harbor edge is created with the "Green U". The "Old Port Authority" with its high historical significance is thus further emphasized. The "harbor peninsula" has become a new small-scale, mixed-use, creative quarter for start-ups, artists* and craftsmen* and manufactures, which is attractively connected to the surrounding area.
The existing warehouses and port buildings have been repurposed and complemented by new shells that house different new, diverse, small-scale and dynamic uses. Smaller, modular built-ins can flexibly respond to future use demands. Car-free interstitial spaces allow for interactive exchanges among the new users* in the neighborhood. Green spaces along the waterfront skilfully embed the historic buildings and create places of identification and a high quality of stay. The existing plans for the ICE plant and the Lower and Upper Speicherstrasse are integrated and will be realized.