2022: Resilience and built heritage

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An integrated approach to heritage risk management in stock-based urban development

  • Lehrstuhl und Institut für Städtebau der RWTH Aachen, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher
  • Juniorprofessur Sicherung kulturellen Erbes der RWTH Aachen, Prof. Dr. Carola Neugebauer
  • Institut für Raumplanung der TU Dortmund, Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving
  • plan + risk consult, Dortmund

supported by BBSR /Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung

The building heritage is a cultural, economic and ecological resource whose potential for the sustainable and resilient development of cities is recognized. At the same time, the preservation of the architectural heritage itself is threatened by disasters. The research project will investigate how integrated approaches in the area of ​​risk and inheritance management can be strengthened in European cities and to what extent existing concepts and processes can be transferred to European cities as an integrated approach. An analysis of relevant documents and manuals in the area of ​​risk and inheritance management as well as good European examples will be carried out. The findings of the European exchange are transferred to municipalities in Germany.

The project focuses on the following thematic priorities:

  • the implementation of the all-risk approach,
  • the focus on the instrumental interfaces and formats of cooperation and communication,
  • the concretization of the nexus resilience and architectural heritage.