Map of the Ruhr energy system transformation



Christa Reicher

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The map of the energy system transformation is an interactive online map and has been accessible since November 2016 at

It shows the variety of social, municipal and economic transformation activities towards a sustainable society that are taking place at different levels in the Ruhr Area and were initiated by various actors. All these activities and projects are presented in the map in an integrated manner, with the energy system transformation being the central theme.

Further thematic focuses are in the following areas: Climate protection, energy and resource efficiency, mobility and transport, renewable energies, urban planning, and networks and education. The individual thematic complexes represent the areas in which a "turnaround" must become apparent and they document components of ecologically sustainable action in the region.

In a first phase, the map of energy system transformation was supported by the "Framework Programme for the Implementation of Energy System Transformation in the Municipalities of the Ruhr Area" (Energiewende Ruhr) (Link). A further development of its content will be implemented in a second funding phase until the end of April 2018.

For this purpose, direct exchange with municipal representatives is sought. The aim is to revise the map and add to its contents.


September 2014 to April 2018

Project Leader

Professor Christa Reicher




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