Village Development Concept Venrath and Kaulhausen



Stefan Krapp

Academic Senior Council, Teaching Coordinator


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Development Plan for Venrath and Kaulhausen

The aim of the project is the elaboration of a village development concept for the preservation of the village structure of the Erkelenz districts of Venrath and Kaulhausen against the background of the approaching open-cast mine as well as the general conditions in the rural area.

In the future, the village structure will be confronted not only with the effects of the directly noticeable open-cast mining but also with the general tendencies of the demographic development in the rural area. In the worst case scenario, this will lead over the decades to the disintegration of the social community and to the abandonment of the villages. For this reason, the town of Erkelenz intends to register the village districts of Venrath and Kaulhausen for funding in the NRW programme "Rural Area 2014 to 2020". The prerequisite for funding is the creation of an integrated village interior development concept, DIEK for short.

The DIEK is the result of intensive cooperation with the key players in the two communities, the affected citizens as well as the specialist groups involved in the project and the town of Erkelenz. The focus is on securing and upgrading the structures and characteristics that have evolved, while at the same time ensuring sustainable and future-oriented development.

During the elaboration of a future-oriented mission statement of the village development Holzweiler, possible medium to long-term development scenarios with different focal points are worked out, which are reflected in different project ideas.


2016 to 2018


Stadt Erkelenz / RWE Power


  • Professor Rolf Westerheide
  • Stefan Krapp
  • Sanaz Kashi


  • Agency RaumPlan: Uli Wildschütz
  • Martina Winandi