Revitalization of the old town of Blankenheim


Revitalisation of the old town of Blankenheim

The project is a cooperation project with the planning office RaumPlan within the framework of the preparation of an inter-communal action plan of the municipalities Blankenheim and Nettersheim for inclusion in the development programme of the state of NRW.

For a long time, the focus of municipal development has been on land development. Large-scale industrial estates along the B 55 and various residential areas on 'greenfield sites' were created, spread over the entire municipal area. In the course of this development, the centre of Blankenheim has lost its importance and lost its function as a central location within the community. This loss of function could not be prevented even by efforts in the tourism sector. Furthermore, in the municipality with a low settlement density, the provision of social infrastructure and educational facilities has reached the limit of what can be financed.

The municipality of Blankenheim has recognised the need for action and intends to initiate a cross-municipal development project in cooperation with the neighbouring municipality of Nettersheim, which aims at strengthening the educational landscape, increasing the attractiveness of the tourism offers, but above all at a sustainable upgrading of the urban environment of the historic town centre.

For a comprehensive revitalisation and stabilisation of the historic town centre of Blankenheim, the redefinition and strengthening of its function and its functional references, the preservation and valorisation of the historic buildings of the town, new impulses through sustainable urbanistic additions and an upgrading and redesign of the public spaces of the old town are of central importance.




  • Professor Rolf Westerheide
  • Stefan Krapp
  • Anne Eaton


  • Community of Blankenheim
  • Community Nettersheim
  • Planning office RaumPlan