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Make Room

"Mach mal Platz" is a cooperative project of students and staff of the Chair and Institute of Urban Design, the student initiative Uni.Urban.Mobil. e.V. and the Akademie für Handwerksdesign Gut Rosenberg of the Chamber of Crafts Aachen, which deals with the potential of the Talbot parking lot on the RWTH Aachen University Campus Mitte.

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Initiative: Urban Central Campus

The Initiative Urban Central Campus pursues the goal of qualifying the Aachen inner-city campus in terms of urban development and creating a lively center of RWTH Aachen University at the interface to the old town.

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Network: IDEA League Summer School

University campuses potentially may have a high impact on climate change mitigation, as they accommodate various high educated and skilled communities, who are well organised through students’ organisations, research and administrative bodies, and workers unions, among others.

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Network: IDEA League Expert Working Group

Founding a new network for design exchange with all the five IDEA League Universities for the challenge of campus development. To find innovative architectural and urban design solutions for improving growing university campuses as urban learning and living areas.

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