Wood construction for cities

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Laura Vonhoegen

Project Processing


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The aim of the Holzbau_findet_Stadt research project is to efficiently utilise the potential offered by climate- and resource-friendly building constructions for the development of CO2-neutral building stock by setting the course at an early stage in urban design and planning. Therefore, the research project will identify, define and describe the necessary guidelines and design principles that promote buildings with wood and other resource-saving materials. These findings will be collected in a catalogue of measures and linked to possible implementation options, such as specifications for tenders or stipulations in a development plan. At the same time, they are flanked with qualitative and/or quantitative criteria that allow the planning municipalities to check the compliance with the set requirements in the further process.

From this catalogue of measures, a graphically prepared planning guideline will be developed, which will provide the planning actors and, above all, the planning municipalities with information and decision-making aids in order to efficiently create plans for a CO2-neutral building stock. This can significantly improve the coordination of the various actors. Urban development and urban planning play a central role in the implementation of climate and resource protection goals, because it is here that the course is set for building planning. Municipalities are the bearers of urban planning sovereignty and should be put in a position to plan and demand these specifications.

Funding source

Zukunft Bau Research Promotion, Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction

Cooperation partner

Ruhr University Bochum, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Resource Efficient Building, Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Hafner


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