Network: IDEA League Summer School - Climate Change and University Campuses

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Climate Change and University Campuses

University campuses potentially may have a high impact on climate change mitigation, as they accommodate various high educated and skilled communities, who are well organised through students’ organisations, research and administrative bodies, and workers unions, among others. There is an increasing number of attempts to develop university-wide strategic plans and actions to combat climate change. Yet, a limited number of initiatives have been taken to mobilise university communities as active agents to mitigate climate change. This summer school facilitates an online interactive platform, the Climate Combat Lab (CCLab), which brings together students and academics to exchange and develop ideas on developing, testing and disseminating climate change mitigation strategy and action plans for university campuses.

The programme aims to:

  • Identify the drivers of climate change in the university campuses
  • Identify a range of effective practices addressing climate change mitigation
  • Develop a climate change mitigation strategy operationalising a new participatory model for inclusive strategies and actions plans.

Format of the Summer School

Due to the world-wide restrictions concerning Covid-19, this summer school is organized in an online format. 


There are no registration, tuition, and accommodation fees. This Summer School is held digitally; there are no travel expenses.