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Head of Department and Institute

  Name Contact
Head of Chair and Institute
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher Urban Planner and Architect
Phone: +49 241 80 95033

Deputy Head

  Name Contact
00 Mitarbeiter - Krapp 2
Academic Senior Council, Teaching Coordinator
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Krapp Urban Planner
Phone: +49 241 80 95042
Academic Staff, Research Coordinator
Canan Çelik M.Sc.
Phone: +49 241 80 95026


  Name Contact
Annette Feldmann 2
Annette Feldmann
Phone: +49 241 80 95037

Guest professorship

  Name Contact
Maram Altawil
Associate Prof. Dr. Maram Tawil Phone: +49 241 80 95046

Research Associates

  Name Contact
Bayro Kaiser Mitarbeiter Bild
Academic Staff, Speaker Transforming City Regions
Fabio Bayro Kaiser M. Sc.
Phone: +49 241 80 95035
Mitarbeiter - Marie Enders 2
Academic Staff, Speaker Research Group Urban Design, Building Culture and Urban Monument Preservation, UNESCO Chair Coordination
Marie Enders M.Sc.
Phone: +49 241 80 95034
Mitarbeiter - Christine Hahn
Academic Staff, Speaker Research Group Energy and Resources
Dipl.-Ing. Christine Hahn Urban Planner
Phone: +49 241 80 95036
Mitarbeiterin - Sarah Hermens
Academic Staff
Sarah Hermens M. Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80 95043
Liliana IUGA
Academic Staff
Dr. Liliana Iuga PhD
Phone: +49 241 80 98218
Andreas Klozoris 2020
Academic Staff
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Klozoris Architect
Phone: +49 241 80 95038
Marc Maurer_Mitarbeiterbild.jpg
Academic Staff
Dipl.-Ing. Marc Maurer

Nicole Maurer Bild
Academic Staff
Nicole Maurer M. Sc.

Margrit Miebach©Selina Pfrüner
Academic Staff
Margrit Miebach

Christian Larisch Bild.jpg
Academic Staff
Christian Larisch M.Sc.
Phone: +49 241 80 95045
Hanna Potulski
Academic Staff
Hanna Potulski M. Sc. RWTH Architect
Phone: +49 241 80 95043
Academic Staff
Dr.-Ing. Antonia Rubarth
Phone: +49 241 80 98219
Ceren Sezer 2021 2
Academic Staff, Speaker Research Group Campus Development
Dr. ir. Ceren Sezer
Phone: +49 241 80 95039
00 Mitarbeiter - Söfker2
Academic Staff, Research Coordination
Dipl.-Ing. Anne Söfker-Rieniets
Phone: + 49 241 80-95044
Caner Telli
Academic Staff
Caner Telli M. Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80 98218
Mitarbeiterin - Laura von Hoegen
Academic Staff
Laura Vonhoegen M. Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80 95034
Mitarbeiter - Jannik Wendorff
Academic Staff, Speaker Research Group Technical Innovation and Mobility
Jannik Wendorff M.Sc.
Phone: +49 241 80 98219


  Name Contact
00 Mitarbeiter - Wachten q.jpg
Kunibert Wachten Architect / Urban Planner
00 Mitarbeiter - Curdes.jpg
Prof. Gerhard Curdes Architect / Urban Planner


  Name Contact
veronica teamfoto
Prof. Verônica Garcia Donoso M. Sc. Humboldt Research Fellowship
Andrea Haase
Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Haase
Anne Klasen - Habeney
Prof. Dipl. -Ing. Annelie Klasen-Habeney
Natasha Lohner, © Jannis Bruns
Natascha Lohner M. Sc. RWTH
Prieto, Javier Ostos
Javier Ostos Prieto
00 Mitarbeiter - Mühlen
Dipl.-Ing. Michael von der Mühlen Staatssekretär a.D.
00 Mitarbeiter - Westerheide q.jpg
apl. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Westerheide Architect / Urban Planner
Mitarbeiter Zuschke
Dipl.-Ing. Cornelia Zuschke Architect

Student Assistants

  Name Contact
Motez Amayreh
Research Assistant
Motez Amayreh B.A.

Greta Baum
Research Assistant
Greta Baum B.Sc. RWTH

Sebastian Beisel
Research Assistant
Sebastian Beisel B.Sc. cand. B. Sc. RWTH

Ereza Emini Foto
Research Assistant
Ereza Emini B. of Arch.

Research Assistant
Raveena Gadkar B.Sc. RWTH

Student Assistant
Finn Merchak cand. B.Sc. RWTH

Moriyah Mishory
Student Assistant
Moriyah Mishory cand. B.Sc. RWTH

Esther padberg
Research Assistant
Esther Padberg B. Sc. RWTH

Ben Pleininger Foto©STUDIOLAB
Student Assistant
Ben Pleininger cand. B.Sc. RWTH

Elisabeth Mitarbeiterfoto
Research Assistant
Elisabeth Quirl B.Sc. RWTH

Leonie Tebbe Mitarbeiterfoto
Student Assistant
Leonie Tebbe cand. B.Sc. RWTH

Lara Turba
Research Assistant
Lara Turba B.Sc. RWTH



  Name Contact
Specialist in media and information services - specialism librarianchip
Fachangestellte für Medien- und Informationsdienste, Fachrichtung Bibliothek Petra Woelki
Phone: +49 241 80 95041

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